ZippyQ is a proprietary MultiGP tool, developed by Roger Bess, to facilitate the progress of drone race and qualifying sessions through a series of automatic functions that are activated once the pilot scans his or her QR Code on a tablet or smartphone.

And the best part is that it's FREE for all MultiGP members

Easier life for Organizers

Easy management of pilots. No more manually building each heat.

Smooth race for Pilots

Pilots choose when they want to race and their frequency

Perfect integrations

Integrates with Timing/Scoring to build the heats

A tablet/kiosk check-in system to maximize pilot throughput.

ZippyQ allows for pilots to sign themselves up for the next available round with the frequency of their choice.
This 'show up and go up' style has been utilized in the large MultiGP events such as the International Open and Champs.
Now it is available to all chapters, for FREE!

ZIPPYQ Displays Modes

All the display modes automatically refresh as liveTime invokes the ‘add missing rounds’ button after each race to suck in the next round from RaceSync.
It shows the ‘pack count’ ie, those packs that have been scheduled or run.
It shows the number of pilots in line for each frequency.

Organizers and Pilots Say


We've used zippyQ a number of times at our local chapter for both outdoor and indoor whoop stuff and it has worked awesome for us. For events with 16+ pilots, we always use zippyq. I love that I don't have to organize heats for all the pilots, I don't even need to know the total number coming. Its great for people that can't show up for a whole race day or need to come late. They can come halfway through qualifiers and grab a spot in que without the need to re-organize heats. Another big perk; I can delegate guys to sort out their own video problems.

Framer FPV Organizer

ZippyQ really changed our life when it's about drone racing organization. It runs so smooth and it helps so much to keep everything under control. Thanks MultiGP for this great tool.

FinzFPV MultiGP Chapter Organizer

Love it! Need a break...take a break. Fly at your own pace.

Allen B. Pilot