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The fastest growing sport in the world is missing only one thing – you!

Joining MultiGP as a pilot has many advantages. MultiGP has created race systems, race formats, and race classes to nurture both drone sports and the pilots who compete. These components provide the highest caliber of competitive drone sports in the world, and allow pilots to increase their ability and their piloting skills. MultiGP accepts pilots of all skill levels; you do not have to be an ace pilot to join. This means that you can compete against, and learn from, pilots who have more experience than you. Flying with people more skilled than you is one of the best ways to improve as a pilot. You membership also give you the ability to join your local MultiGP chapter. Connecting with you local MultiGP chapter will give you access to all of their events; from fun flys to race events, you have to be a registered pilot to attend. Your MultiGP membership also gives you the benefit of a pilot’s profile page, where things like your race history, the drones you fly, your pilot bio, and your current sponsors will all be listed. This gives other pilots, and sponsors, the ability to look at your progress as a pilot.

MultiGP recommends an Academy of Model Aeronautics Membership (AMA) to ensure you and your fellow pilots have a mutual respect for safety. For more information on how to obtain an Academy of Model Aeronautics Membership, click HERE.

We also strongly encourage our pilots to hold a Technician-Class License, which is required from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to transmit the video signal from your aircraft back to your visual display on the amateur radio band and frequencies. The license is not overly difficult or expensive to obtain and you learn more about what makes our sport work. Click HERE, for more information on how to obtain a FCC Technician-Class License.

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